Team at Gensol

Our sector of work involves working in teams to service clients. Gensol too is divided into functional teams which work closely with each other. The services that we provide are highly technical project support to our clients. Being one of the pioneers in its field, Gensol had to literally create a market for itself. Also, we have diversified into related but very niche services and the marketing team has the enviable task of not only launching into unchartered territories but also educating our diverse portfolio of clients.

The project teams of our divisions take forward from where the marketing team leaves. Experts in their field, our highly technical teams work closely with clients, understand their business, conduct site visits, provide procedural and specialized support along with on-ground execution to take the project to its logical conclusion.

The backbone of this organisation is the Central Functions Division which is spread across all our locations. The Central Functions are basically shared services of our Finance, Human Resource, IT and Administrative departments.

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