Solar Hybrid System

5 kW Solar-Wind Hybrid System for an Educational Institute in Pune City

Resource Potential:

  • Solar Irradiation - 5.36 kWh/ m2/ day
  • Wind Speed - 4.6 m/s

Policy Applicable: MNRE policy for "Small Wind Energy and Hybrid Systems Program" for FY: 2010-2011

Technical Specifications:

  • Wind Turbine Rating - 3.0 kW
  • SPV Capacity - 2.0 kW


  • Total Project Cost - Rs 11.32 Lakhs
  • Capital investment to project proponent - Rs 6.32 Lakhs*
  • Annual saving against diesel consumption - Rs 51,000/-

Incentives: Subsidy of Rs 1 Lakh per kW

Requirements: Submission of application form to State's Renewable Energy Nodal Agency along with details regarding

  • Project site
  • Implementation schedule
  • Company details
  • Project cost and financials
  • Technical details of aero generator, solar PV modules, batteries, inverter, control system, cables and tower etc. and other components covered under the project. In the case of battery storage, only tubular plate lead acid batteries will be permitted.
  • Operation & maintenance arrangements

*after considering capital subsidy of 1 Lakh per kW

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