Grid Connected Rooftop Systems

100 kW Grid Connected Solar Plant for captive consumption of a commercial office complex at Gurgaon

Solar Potential: 5.05 kWh/ m2/ day

Annual Generation: 1.67 lakh units

Policy Applicable: MNRE policy for "Off-grid and Decentralize Solar Application" for Phase-I and F 2010-11 under JNNSM


  • Total Project Cost - Rs 20.63 crores
  • Capital investment to project proponent - Rs 1.4 crores*
  • Annual saving against diesel consumption - Rs 7.5 lakhs
  • Annual revenue through sale of RECs - Rs 23 lakhs
  • Payback Period - One year


  • 30% subsidy on capital cost of project
  • 80 % accelerated depreciation for first year
  • Benefits at an average price of Rs 15/ kWh through sale of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) generated

Requirements: Submission of application form to State's Renewable Energy Nodal Agency along with details regarding

  • Project site
  • Implementation schedule
  • Company details
  • Project cost and financials
  • Operation & maintenance arrangements

*after considering 30% capital subsidy

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