Renewable Energy Certificate

What are RECs?

RECs are deemed as certificates of power generated from renewable energy sources which can be sold and traded across nation to meet mandatory RPO targets. Two classes of Renewable Energy generators are eligible to claim RECs: those who have obtained accreditation from the State Agency and the others who do not have any power purchase agreement signed at any preferential tariff for sale of energy units generated through the specified project.

Who are obliged to purchase RECs?

The entities mandated to purchase a defined quantum on renewable energy of their overall consumption are obligated entities, who can fulfil their RPO requirements by either purchasing renewable energy or by purchasing RECs. Such entities usually include distribution licensees, captive consumers, open-access consumers.

Gensol's Role

Under another arm of Gensol, our specialized team provides one-stop solution for all the requirements of an eligible renewable energy project to avail benefits of REC mechanism. Our services for include:

Accreditation , Registration and Issuance of REC Trading of REC
Data Collection and compilation from RE generator. Trading platforms: Indian Energy Exchange & Power Exchange of India
Application for availing accreditation, registration & issuance of RECs to different government agencies Bidding operations
Verification & co-ordination with various government agencies Clearing & bank process
Certificate of Accreditation, Registration & Renewable Energy Certificates Redemption of RECs
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