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19 Dec-2018
Gensol: Failed carbon credit firm to big solar power consultant

Back in 2010, promoter Anmol Jaggi was one of the key names in the carbon credit market

Shreya Jai  |  New Delhi | Last Updated at November 10, 2017 00:22 IST

Anmol Jaggi was a name in the carbon credit market in 2010, advising large corporate houses on how to be energy efficient and make money from it. With close to 25 million carbon credits and around 400 clients in India, his company, launched in 2007, had reached its zenith.

But as the carbon credit market crashed, so did the plans of the company. Resurrecting itself with upcoming solar power, the Gensol group, with its two promoters Anmol and Puneet Jaggi, has grown to become the largest player in solar design and engineering (D&E) consulting, along with operations and management (O&M) ...

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