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India ranks 5th in term of Solar Energy Potential

The nascent stage of Indian Solar Market demands tremendous amount of Research and Development efforts for an organized growth which can eventually lead to of solar energy achieving Grid Parity.

Currently, the power generation base of India spanning 1.6 lacs MW is driven largely by coal based thermal power plants and in order to have sustainable growth the switch it to renewable energy sources is inevitable. While wind, hydro, biomass and other sources have been popularized for the past decade, solar energy was hitherto unexplored and considering that other renewable sources are restricted in terms of sites and raw materials, solar might be India's best bet in the long term.

However, it is required to explore advanced and new technologies along with strong policy backing for making "Solar" a feasible source of power generation.

Gensol being a pioneer in renewable energy relies on its store house of knowledge which is aimed towards awareness and improvement. We keep a close eye on the technological and policy changes in order to deliver best solutions to our clients. Knowledge has been one of the key drivers of our growth and has helped us and our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

Solar Energy
The rapid change in solar technology has presented us with many options with different merits. At Gensol, we endeavour to pass on the benefits of these technologies by imparting a comprehensive understanding of their various aspects.

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Policy Landscape
With a gamut of policies encouraging solar power from MW scale solar farms to stand alone and rooftop systems, India has proven to be one of fastest growing solar markets. We offer a snapshot of solar policies that a project developer can take advantage of.

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Case Studies
A holistic understanding is seldom complete without live examples of power plants to understand the on ground working, technology and financial aspects of the power plant.

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Take advantage of Gensol's store of presentations given at conferences across India. You can also learn about our services and offerings.

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What is Grid Parity? How does REC Mechanism work? What is the procedure to get subsidy? Find answers to all your queries in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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