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Gensol Consultants found in 2007 is a 360° energy and environment solutions provider. Having served the who's who of industries and many governments globally, Gensol commands one of the largest market share and respect as a thought leader in the energy and environment domain.

Gensol Solar division greatly benefits from Group portfolio of services, thus providing our clients with a one stop solution for all their business needs.

Carbon Advisory

Gensol boasts of a portfolio of 25 million carbon credits through 450+ clients across 22 Indian states. Our established processes and trained team has earned us the reputation one of the most efficient and successful carbon advisors across industry.

Solar Relevance
Solar Power Project is entitled to approx 1450 carbon credits per MW of installation, thus, generating an additional cashflow of about Rs. 1 million per MW.

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Renewable Energy Certificates

Gensol being the pioneer in the field of Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) advisory maintains a healthy relationship with state and national load dispatch centers, state and central electricity regulatory commissions and renewable energy nodal agencies. We are also registered with the Indian Energy Exchange and Power Exchange of India for trading of RECs.

Solar Relevance
A grid connected solar captive power plant of capacity 100 kW is entitled to approx 160 Renewable Energy Certificates annually, thus, generating an additional cashflow about Rs. 2 million.

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Power Trading

Gensol Power Trading Division helps power developers sell electricity generated through Open Access often at rates better than long term Power Purchase Agreements. Also, we help large power consumers to optimize their purchase electricity mix to reduce the average costs of electricity purchased.

Solar Relevance
A grid connected Solar MW scale power plant set up under the REC route can get a higher cost than the APPC cost through trading peak power on energy exchange through Gensol, thus, generating better returns in addition to the Renewable Energy Certificate revenue.

Sustainability Services

Gensol is an advisor to many a corporate for computation and reduction of their carbon and energy footprint. With the newly introduced Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO), Gensol helps its clients in better energy management and meeting their statutory obligations effectively and profitably in India and abroad.

Solar Relevance
Captive and Grid connected Solar Power Projects are not only one of the most robust power sources largely independent of location, but is also extremely profitable venture offering good returns on investment to green conscious industries.

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Gensol Renewable Energy Fund

Gensol Renewable Energy Fund (under raising) promised to be the largest India Renewable specific fund of its kind with more than $500 million renewable energy assets under management, offering investors secure and superior returns on their investments.

Solar Relevance
A percentage of the fund is directed towards solar power projects in India being developed over the next 5 years.
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