Director's Message

Vision Gensol

To be the partner of choice for Renewable Power globally

Gensol envisages establishing a strong presence in the field renewable energy across verticals, sectors, geographies, markets and consumers. It is and will always be our earnest endeavour to develop strong and lasting relationships with stakeholders across the renewable energy spectrum to promote sustainable development in business and society.

Director's Message

Energy for long has been the most treasured resource for any economy, industry or individual. With increasing demand and depleting resources, energy as a resource has become all the more important. The need of the hour is not only to find alternate sources of energy but also, those which are more reliable and are self grown.

Renewable Energy stands to solve most of our energy problems while ensuring reliability, engaging local resources and generating local employment; this, in addition to being sustainable and environment friendly.

Today, we are in the era when renewable energy is not looked at as a mere social responsibility but as an economic opportunity. It is not only viable to put up renewable energy power plants, but with the decreasing costs and advancing technologies, it is one of the fastest developing sectors globally.

Within Renewable Energy, Solar Power has maximum untapped potential which with the Policy Backup and global success is now coming to the forefront in India, thus, enabling us to take advantage of our unique location advantage.

In such a dynamic and growth oriented sector, Gensol with its trained and experienced team endeavours to be a partner of choice for investors, bankers and developers by providing superior advisory and project execution services. Further, our result oriented approach and strict quality standards ensure long term client satisfaction and sustainable returns to investors.

Anmol Singh Jaggi

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