Carbon Credit

We provide complete consultancy services to our clients for getting eligible renewable energy projects registered under UNFCC for availing CDM Mechanism benefits. The CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) issued on registration of project our issued depending upon the capacity and electricity units generated from the project.

Gensol specialises in providing end-to-end services for all CDM Project along with Power trading and other GHG removal mechanisms:

  • Identification of Project
  • Data Collection and Local stakeholders meet
  • PCN and PDD Development
  • Host Country Approval
  • Validation Activity
  • Project Registration
  • Annual Monitoring Report
  • Emission Trading
    • Price volatilities
    • Risk management
    • Structuring and deal management
  • Alternate GHG Removal Mechanisms
    • Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS)
    • Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)

Not limited till this stage, our team takes the project ahead and is also responsible for trading of these CERs at international exchanges. Upon receipt of the Issuance Certificates the task of trading of carbon credits moves to the trading desk where project is facilitated with the best trading services in the International Market and realizes the Monetary values of the CERs and VERs. After a successful VER validation, the project developer can sell the emission reduction generated by their project to the interested buyers in developed countries.

Advisory Services
  • Feasibility study to identify and evaluate various potential CDM projects.
  • Preparation of PCN (Project Concept Note) and PDD (Project Design Document)
  • Getting Host Country Approval (Clearance from Ministry of Environment & Forest)
  • Assistance in Validation
  • Getting the project registered with the UN EB
Transaction Services
  • Finding the best buyer
  • Helping sign ERPA (Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement)
  • Assistance in (annual) Verification
  • ERPA Securitization
Client Base
  • 170 Clients in 21 States + a portfolio of 10 MM credits
  • Client Profile: Clean Energy Projects
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