5 Star Process

At Gensol we have striven to create an environment that helps explore the talent and potential of our people and help them grow and develop. We have created a 5 star process which helps us manage our most valuable assets.

Recruitment and Succession Planning
In a niche consultancy like ours it is very important to hire highly smart and intelligent professionals. This requires high level of competency mapping and an analysis of the role requirement of every functionality in the organisation and correlating it all. We give equal thrust to internal career progression as well as external recruitment opportunities and to support this we have a very strong succession planning model whereby every team member’s career paths, organisation's goals and personal goals are matched to provide the perfect growth and development opportunity.
Organisations Goals and Objectives
Our every endeavour is driven by the organisation's goals and objectives. Our aim is to never lose focus and direction. Therefore, the kind of culture that we have created and maintained over the years is such that every individual is aware of his impact to the ultimate goal and every achievement that helps meets Gensol’s objectives is backed by a reward and recognition system.
Performance Review & Appraisals
Being a meritocratic organisation it is very important to create ownership of every effort and contribution. This is supported by a performance management system that reviews performance periodically. A regular analysis of the fruits of this exercise gives us insights into the growth and development opportunities for our individuals, our teams and the organisation and course corrections wherever required.
Training and Development
We provide an opportunity to each and every member to grow and develop her/his repertoire of skills. Formal training modules are conducted periodically to give our consultants an edge. But our belief is that it is the “on the job” training that happens every minute when our members interact with their teams and across teams that provides them with the most valuable learning. Every member is responsible for his own growth and we provide all the support and direction in this exercise.
Education and Self Development
Being a knowledge intensive service, constantly updating our knowledge base is not a luxury but a necessity. For this we maintain that each member must educate herself/himself and apply to developing her/his core competencies.

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